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About us Gorilla Wear is a legendary worldwide bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle brand. The brand was founded in 1982 in the United States of America. We have been delivering workout and lifestyle apparel and accessories “For the Motivated” ever since. Mission Statement Gorilla Wear is the leading manufacturer and supplier of active wear and accessories for in the gym and the lifestyle around it. Founded in the United States in 1982, Gorilla Wear has been known as the legendary athleisure brand ever since. Our apparel is trusted by generations of glorious hero’s and moreover esteemed by a rapidly growing community of today's champions. For generations now Gorilla Wear delivers workout wear ‘For the Motivated’. We are dedicated to provide you with gym and lifestyle apparel you will love. With no exception, each and every piece of athleisure is build up on almost 4 decades of continuous research and development. In everything we do foremost YOU, are a true inspiration to us. One of the pillars of the success of our styles, is our strong collaboration with professional athletes. Each Gorilla Wear style you wear has first been proven by professional athletes to provide you with superior quality. From Active Wear to Gym Accessories to Fighting Equipment to Lifestyle Apparel, we make sure that Gorilla Wear supports your personal journey at every stage. Whatever it is you train: speed, timing, precision, technique, muscles, conditioning, strength, power, understanding what it takes to fulfill your potential is what connects all motivated athletes. Our purpose is to motivate you, to wake up the athlete inside. Motivation is our core value, it is the core value when it comes to chase after what you believe in and fulfill your potential. Consistently working toward your goals is certainly not easy, yet: feeling motivated to go that extra mile is what can make YOU truly stand out from anybody else. #TEAMGORILLAWEAR In order to create the perfect apparel we created and cooperate with the #TEAMGORILLAWEAR consisting of the best athletes around the globe, such as William Bonac, Brandon Curry, Cody Garbrandt, Lewis Harrison, Alexander Gustafsson, Dennis James, Erko Jun, Felice Herrig and Kevin Osazee. Influenced by their demands in quality, functionality we will provide you with a unique apparel that will fit, will not break down and of course shows you are one of the motivated. Are you interested in representing Gorilla Wear and becoming a member of the #TEAMGORILLAWEAR?